A few lines about what goes on and what is about to come. Time is running fast and the information is split into various media and sites. This makes understanding difficult for everyone who is not constantly monitoring what I do. Monthly you find a short story I publish in rez Magazine, now for over five years. That’s the tip I like you to give first.

ERVARE you might know by now is my legal name ROT-13 coded [Reiner]. I did this coding for facebook some years ago to create a group of friends I know only from virtual worlds. Art Blue was not accepted as a valid name. I did not want to run into a SPAM farm with my real identity, so I took the Caesar cipher. Ervare has now nearly 2,000 friends on facebook and feeds the like and the thumbs-up industry … and I could have more if I would follow procedures that are offered by third parties: “How to make more friends on fb.”

Identities unveiled

REINER points to ERVARE [dot com]. There is also ERVA.[dot]RE, there is Art.[dot]Blue, there is Kunst [dot blue] and ArtXploder [dot com]. Not always I keep the borders or the boxes I created for them straight. I will tell you a bit right now.

Ervare is the pen name for my memoirs: The Gods of Informatics, published on Amazon. In this book, I show my past and my future. I am futurologist with roots in informatics, art, social science and … in theology [I shall better say in believe systems]. So I know the future. It is all in the Singularity to come. I created the term Politikinformatik [Informatics and Politics] over 30 years ago. I created Religionsinformatik [Informatic and Religion]. I created Kunstinformatik [Art and Informatics]. For this all stands the Gods of Informatics. To use my earth-bound real name would not fit, as our world is a computer and my mission is “To bring brains to the depth, forever.” A cryptic saying but outlined in the book why there is depth in it. I think, therefore I am. In modern terms: Click and buy.

ERVA.RE stands for my very old past where I was in old Egypt a builder for the Pharaoh Amasis. Of course, I am teasing you. How I shall know my past for sure? Have I done a spiritual regression? Seen my life between lives? [Michael Newton]. I have. That’s why I wrote A History of the White under this pen name. It is a blank book, a journal, published on Amazon.  The interesting part is that I need to create a hoax hack [a backdoor] to make this possible. More than three consecutively blank pages are not allowed in a book published at Amazon. Such a restriction to overcome can only Gods, right? A funny to read story, first published in rez Magazine February and March 2019.

A History of the White exists in two versions: The empty book, the journal where you find just blank pages you may fill and the second version which is dedicated to Wittgenstein. I wanted to do so when I joined the Wittgenstein Society. This version, called Wittgenstein.space has links to picture related to art and philosophy. I used the Black Out technique, which is a transformative art form with an old tradition [cut out poem, black out poem] and called it Blank out poem. The pictures are not all created … but the links are and working.

The Sand Bible, sometimes called the New Sand Bible I brought to Earth via Traveler 3326, the historian you may know from Netflix, The Travelers. In this book, I reflect on stuff I had in mind when writing my memoirs but then I thought the book would get a wrong drift when I mix my projections too strongly with Orwell’s BBIWY of 1984. Not Sand, Not Sound is the title. The title says it all. Read the pages that come as a preview on Amazon to see if you like it. There are some chapters republished on the web. I recommend the one where I tricked the Vatican AI an OMIVAC 9000: Quantum ad Absurdum.

The catalog of 1Biennale you find more on it at 1Biennale.org. I created in total three books.

The first is 1Biennale collector’s item in big size [32×32 cm] which costs about 250 Euro, published on blurb. I sell it with no profit, it is just so expensive to be printed on demand on lay flat technology. It is quite heavy to carry around. Luckily you can get it also as a PDF to download in High-Resolution which is very cheap …

The second is a small booklet #IMMERSIVIA Santorini Biennale with a nice sleeve, also on blurb, sadly it has only 36 pages, but blurb provides a great online preview, both for the collector’s item and for this special Immersiva edition.


The third book started as an experiment and went to a challenge. The title is THE BRAIN OF ART. It is a novel of an alien on a mission to save the immersive art on Earth that was made for 1Biennale and presented at the IMMERSIVIA 2018 in Santorini. The protagonist is B DOT BLUE. Read the free pages on Amazon. There you find all about it. The costs are about 12 Euro / USD. Every contributor to the 1Biennale is mentioned inside.


You can read the story also on Kindle.



Hypergrid International Expo 2017

I was invited to speak at HIE2017 about Digital Art Conservation. HIE supports activities in the Metaverse in local languages: German, French, Spain and Italian.

I spoke in German …

Before starting my talk I gave a prelude to the the theme in German and English. I copy my words:

Bevor ich beginne, möchte ich Euch zu einer kurzen Zeitreise in das Digitale Anthropozän Willkommen heißen. Was von Digitaler Kunst bleibt. Ich danke den Veranstaltern, insbesondere Thirza Ember, WizardOz Chrome und Mal Bruns für die Einladung hier zu sprechen und wünsche gutes Gelingen. Danke auch and die Moderatorin Loru Destiny und meine Mitstreiterin in Sachen Kunst Juliette Surreal-D.

Als Einstimmung werde ich eine kurze Geschichte in Deutscher und in Englischer Sprache erzählen. Anschließend folgt der Vortrag den ich für die Hypergrid International Expo ausgearbeitet habe in Deutscher Sprache. Juliette wird ein paar vorbereitete Textelemente in Englischer Sprache, praktisch als kurze Übersetzung des Tenors des Vortrags, in chat posten.

Nun zur kurzen Zeitreise in das Digitale Anthropozän.

Welcome to a time travel with Art Blue to the Digital Anthropocene. This is a prelude to the upcoming presentation. Relax and listen to the story.

Slide 01 /  Art Blue im Jahre 2157: „Nur wenig ist bekannt über unsere Erschaffer. War es Zeus oder war es Zuse? Wer von Euch hat den Namen Zeus schon einmal gehört?

Art Blue in the year 2157: “Only a little is known about our makers. Was it Zeus or was it Zuse? Who of you has heard the name Zeus?

Ich zähle vier Handzeichen. Danke. Griechische Mythologie ein wundervolles Gebiet, leider bleibt heute keine Zeit hiefür.

I count four hands. Thank you. Greek mythology is a wonderful area, sadly there is today no time for it.

Und wer kennt Zuse, wer hat den Name schon mal gehört? Keiner?

And who knows Zuse? No one?

Konrad Zuse ist der Erfinder des digitalen Computers. Ich weiß die meisten glauben es ist Bill Gates von Microsoft oder Jeff Bezos der die Raumfahrtfirma Blue Origin gründete und den Amazon Backup server auf dem Mond errichtete.

Konrad Zuse is the inventor of the digital computer. I know most of you think it is Bill Gates of Microsoft or Jeff Bezos who founded Blue Origin, the Space Compnay and established the Amazon backup server on the Moon.

Ich sehe Handzeichen, Moment, Moment, Ja das Tillo-Tallo Museum von 2049, das älteste digitale Artefact was den Blackout von 2022 überlebte. Scheint als ob heute alles heute hier Fans von Blade Runner 2049 sind.“

I see hands up, one moment; yes the Tillo-Tallo museum of 2049, the oldest digital artefact which survived the blackout of 2022. Looks like all here today are fans of Blade Runner 2049.

Ende von Art Blue’s Geschichte. End of Art Blue’s telling.

So könnten unsere Nachfahren die Digitale Kunst sehen, ähnlich wenig repräsentativ. So wie wir die Höhlenmalereien wahrnehmen: Es ist Zufall was übrigbleibt.

This way our followers could recognise Digital Art, not really a true picture at all. Same way we see the old wall paintings in caves. It is just all random and luck what survives.

Slide 02 / Um dem Zufall entgegenzuwirken gibt es das Projekt Immersivia, eine Digitale Biennale. Und es gibt die Surreal Art Gallerie von Juliette Surrealdreaming in Second Life und in opensim als zwei Welten Galerie. …

The art of Ervare Farroretre

Die Kunst des ROT-13 Ervare Farroretre

Übersetzt aus dem Tocharischen von Arb Cevz

Nachdem wir alle unseren Babelfish tragen gibt es für Sprachübersetzungen keinen Raum. Sprache jenseits des Binären wurde zum intellektuellen Gut oder als App etwas rein zum Zeitvertreib, zum Technogaga. Ich sage: Sprache ist Substanz. Sie ist Kunst. Kunst ist Open Source. Doch wo bleibt die Qualität? Was passiert mit den tausenden in Tocharischer Sprache verfassten Werken? Wer konserviert diese? Wer hält diese am Leben in der Qualität der Erbauer? Erlauben wir dass unsere Geschichte gelöscht, verkürzt, verzerrt, verballhornt wird und wir uns allein im Autobinären ausdrücken von Babelfish zu Babelfish? Ich sage: Die Zeit der Alten ist gekommen. Sie verdienen es erneut gelesen zu werden: in Ursprache, in Tocharisch. Die Kunst des Ervare Farroretre, übrigens geschrieben in Alt-Tocharisch als Ervare Fpuarroretre, erleben wir heute in der Urfassung des ersten Simulators.

Möge uns der Simulator in die Tiefe führen!  Begrüßen wir Ervare und den ersten und zweiten Codierer: ROT-13 Q.Z. Frevatre und ROT-13 Q. What.

The Art of ROT-13 Ervare Farroretre

translated from Tocharian by Arb Cevz

There is no need for language translations any more as we all now wear a babelfish. Language beyond binary is something intelectual or has become an App for just some silly spare time,  just a technogaga. I say: language is substance. Language is Art. Art is Open Source. But where is quality? What happens with thousands of works in Tocharian language? Who conserves them? Who keeps then alive in the quality of our anchestors? Shall we accept that our history is erased, shortened, made ‘to be gaga’ and we all have to comunicate only in binary code from babelfish to babelfish? I say: the time of the elders has come. They deserve to be read again: in old language, in Tocharian. The Art of Ervare Farroretre we explore here in the way it has to be: in the very first simulator.

May the simulator guide us into the deep! Let´s welcome Ervare and the first and second progammer: ROT-13 Q.Z. Frevatre und ROT-13 Q. What.