Join The Grid. Join the Hypergrid. Jump from one grid to the next. Experience how all grids are connected in a Network. At Codes & Truth you find out that Ervare stands in Africaans for The Old Man Knowing, so you don’t expect anything different than HYPERGRID.NET is Evare’ s domain. He is the creator.

Let us enjoy a video that brings some good tunes to persons who have never before heard of The Grid.

Ervare [ Art Blue ] is also one of the founders of Hypergrid e.V. Germany – hypergrid.net points to hypergrid.org, the domain for the Metropolis Metaversum, with 4,400 active regions the biggest European grid.

There is a fast track for artists coming from SECOND LIFE who want to join 1BIENNALE. Ask Art Blue in SL. He will create you an avatar YOURNAME 1BIENNALE in the hypergrid.net creating you an EYE account. This way you don’t have to spend time for setting up a stunning looking avatar. Your mission is then only to bring the artwork in. Don’t register this name by yourself, speak with Art Blue or Juliette Surreal-D. in SL first.