burned art

burned_in_the_simulator‘burned in the simulator – STOP now‘ (STOP to continue in the language of Cree) was first used for ‘The Burning Forest of Red accompanied by Nadir‘. Nadir became a story in The Gods of Informatics


This picture was coded on oil on canvas in AM nostalgia windlight on March, 28, 2013. It got printed at Fineartprint. ‘Burned in the simulator’ was signed in April by Ervare on Greek island Paros as part of the Metaverse Engineering project ‘3D Recoded’. The event was presented by atis.education for WVIPRM at IPAC [International Paros Art Circle; shut down in 2015 when Greek parliament decided to take taxes even from non-profit art organisations].



Who is Red? Red is the coded name of the huntress, the En, in the story of Nadir. She has many faces as life in the forest is hard. A hunter, a dreamer, an artist, ‘a sailor´s dream’. This work has been on exhibition at Cap San Diego, Hamburg, 2012 and was sold (and resold) by a gallery owner for 4.500 Euro.

You see I am still an artist, even I claimed at the OSCC17 that I am now just as sole a curator of Digital Art:


“I myself do no longer create art. It does not fit to be curator and artist in one. I had my high time as I was young coding an art package in FORTRAN, published it. This way I became one of the pioneers with the stamp “still alive and active”. Even MoMa has one of my early computer drawings, just because it is old not good. I set my focus to mentor young artists, means mentally young artists and to conserve the development of Digital Art. …”

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